Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Bunny Cometh

Or I guess I should say "the Bunny cameth," since Easter was two days ago. At any rate, it was great and I've got an egg salad sandwich to prove it!

These eggs are done with ziplock bags and a dye added with a dropper, no dipping. They also dry superfast, which is why Mom got this particular kit, thinking it would be perfect for a two year old. But Austin only wanted to watch Daddy and Mommy dye eggs under his direction. And then lick the dye off.

This was our Easter basket this year! We got jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, M&Ms, magnetic letters, a glitter globe with a truck full of carrots, and that tall tube thing is a kaleidoscope. The winner? That smiling carrot that launches a spinning disk in the air, of course. Sophie got a beautiful book, with an illustration of the Easter Bunny's chariot, which is evidently drawn by a team of chickens. I'll try to add the Easter Morning movie later on.

Here we are posing for a picture with our snazzy Easter clothes.

It is very hard to pose Sophie for pictures. She can't quite sit up yet, but she's not as boneless and tractable as a newborn either. So I tried to put her on the couch so I could get a shot of the two of them. Austin briefly looked away from the iPad.

While Sophie slowly wilts.

Fortunately, lots of people like to pose for pictures with Sophie.

And they like to set up Easter egg hunts for the boy too, who just happens to be a master egg finder.

And they're even nice enough to help us take some family photos.

Which came out pretty great, even though I forgot to put Sophie's ears back on. So here they are again...