Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sophie Couture

Just to be absolutely clear, we actually do buy clothes for the baby occasionally. But not that many, because, OMG y'all, we get more cute little dresses, pajamas, onesies and whatnots than some starlets. It's pretty awesome. And we wanted to take a minute to share some favorites...

Thanks, Great Aunt Missy!

Thanks, Great Great Aunt Nonie!

Thanks, Kaki!

But in particular, today we want to thank Great Grandmother for this lovely dress! She wants to have a print made of Sophie wearing it, so we took a few pictures for her to choose from. A few, like a few hundred... here are our favorites :)

Look who's learned to sit up!

We also had a special request to put one of those headbands girl babies always wear on her head. So here are some of those too...