Tuesday, June 21, 2011

9 Months!

We are such a big boy today! Look at all the things we can do...

We can stand up and eat the top rail of our crib.

We can feed ourselves (sometimes, if there is not something more fun to do with our food...)

We have 4 teeth!

We dress like someone twice our age. That outfit in the chocolate milk video is for an 18 month old. Mom and Dad are mortified.

We are learning the maths:


Not really... Mom would not let us molest the keyboard as much today, something about this being
the new computer and isn't it nice that it has all the keys and we are such a big boy today that we could probably tear a few off if we felt like it ... those were just the only keys we could reach.
But we did get to make a nice vlog before our morning nap.

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