Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And The Winner Is...


And the contest was... who will Austin accidentally call on the phone first? I confess, we've let him play with the phone in the past, because he likes to hit the number keys. Usually he winds up calling some number with 27 or so digits and getting a recorded message that Dad and I can recite from memory. Today, however, he actually just hit the redial button and talk. And we didn't notice until we heard a tiny voice from the phone, saying, "Hello?" over and over again, as he scooted it around on the floor and moaned excitedly.

We are so accomplished. We also took our first bus trip! Mom was too encumbered to get any pictures on the bus, what with the stroller, baby bag and baby, but she did get a picture of us waiting at the bus stop and watching traffic (of course).

And we also had our first sips of hot chocolate on a cold winter night. Complete with whipped cream mustache, just in time for Movember.

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