Saturday, December 3, 2011


So much happened in November and then Mom ran out of month before she could share it! We'll just pretend it's still 11/30...

We started WALKING. Mom and Dad both saw Mr. Austin take a few steps on 11/1. I took a little movie of him cruising that very day:

And this is 30 days later:

Insane. We also cut our first molar (tooth number 9!)! It made us a total nutjob. And just think, there are 3 more to go. JOY!

On a happier note, we're super snuggly and sweet when we're not teething.

And a terror to fallen leaves everywhere.

We also babyproofed the tv room. YAY. Not very exciting though, so sorry about getting your hopes up about surfing or breakdancing. But I do have a picture of his toes for you:

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