Monday, January 23, 2012


We have been having so. Much. Fun. But "sensory bin" is kind of clinical and unwieldy, so Mom's renaming it. This is the Babylab. We'll probably call it something else before that gets embarrassing, but that's totally what it is right now. It's where we do our science:

Besides the bin, we have an assortment of tools for conducting our experiments. Mom thought she'd take a picture so we can see how it changes as Babyman grows. Here's the current binventory:

But she also knows that no one besides her really wants to see pictures of that, so onto the experiments...

Wood Shop!

We are not doing the wood shavings again. They were everywhere.

Captain Rainbeard

This was really great for fingerpainting!

Or, it will be, when we start using the paints instead of eating them.

Rice, Rice, Baby

So much fun!

Indoor Rainbow


  1. I love this! Maybe I'll put together a "sensory bin" for Elena this weekend... I never would have thought of rice, but it's perfect because it's edible and won't hurt your kid.

  2. he really liked to sniff the rice! it was very strange. and it really changes the way you shop... i picked up like 5 boxes of jello yesterday imagining some kind of rainbow archeology :D