Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Austin's Weekend in Review

It has been so rainy the past week! But at least things were nice and green for St. Patrick's day!

Which we celebrated by visiting the Easter Bunny. Unwillingly.

We also got to see some nice rocks. 

Mom thought we might see if gardening was our thing. Naturally, we loved the dirt. And you can see one of the casualties there by his foot.

Fortunately (for the plants),  we lost interest before we could commit much more herbicide.

We also visited a beautiful Japanese style garden.

We were really into the gravel paths.

We also enjoyed climbing these steps...

 Mostly so we could fling our gravel really really far.


You may notice that most of these pictures are of Mr. Austin's caboose. This is because we are always running away from Mom, who won't let us dive into the koi pond.


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