Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Fun With Boxes

This idea shamelessly stolen from PAHM. Mom taped a piece of paper to this large, shallow box, then cut holes in it with a steak knife. She modified the idea a bit by taping one of the flaps of the box up, so that some holes didn't go through, and were more like nests. Ours also has strings threaded through holes and tied.

This is how it was set out, with a basket of objects next to it for dropping.
Or dumping. Mom's not really picky about these things.
The back scratcher got a lot of use.
Wait, come back!

We played with this box for quite some time! Probably over a week. And it was eventually pretty much destroyed. I wedged the sensory bin inside it so it didn't collapse under his weight.

Will beads go in the box?
Will my feet go in the box?

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