Sunday, August 5, 2012

Austin Meets Thomas and Friend

I don't know if you can really understand Austin's love for a certain train. His favorite toy is a battery powered Thomas, which is an incredibly long-suffering and durable little sucker (at least, so far...). His favorite show is Thomas and Friends. His favorite outfit? This one:
stylin' and profilin'

So as you can imagine, we could not miss an opportunity to see Thomas in person. And ride around in a real train. So Mom and Dad bought some tickets online and were off to Roaring Camp Railroad in Felton, up in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. It was blissfully cool and everyone had an awesome time.

Our ticket included a free temporary tattoo. That awesome hat was extra.

Hey, is that Thomas?
Wait a minute, I didn't sign off on this...
I didn't know it hurt to get temporary tattoos
Finishing up

Finally, it was time to ride! Thomas pulled a 10 car train and we were in car 10. It was actually pretty swanky, with plush red seats and little chandeliers! Not that the boy noticed...

Prepare to be boarded...
Still admiring our ink

And that was awesome.

But we still hadn't seen Thomas!

I don't remember how we got him to turn toward the camera. Magic may have been involved...
But wait, there's more! This is actually the train that took people back and forth to the parking lot. It's over a hundred years old and we totally dug it. Every time it pulled into the camp Austin wanted to go see it... this is Sonora.

When the driver pumped the steam, we could actually see rain coming from the cloud!
I'd say we had a pretty great time. 

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