Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' Part 1

I'm going to cheat and have this post in October, even though it's almost the end of November. We've been busy! Austin's had school, Mom's got the diabetus, Daddy started a new job... I think we're entitled to cheat a bit. And I want to try to catch up as much as possible before baby girl gets here in January, because I know I won't have much blogging time!

You might recognize this pumpkin patch as the one we went to last year. It's like the Disneyland of pumpkin patches, with two trains, a petting zoo, hayride and a field of pumpkins. Such a treat every year!

Checking out the squash

Trying to taste the flint corn

Posing tragically with a tiny pumpkin

"Zee time, she flies away like this straw through my feengers"
The official pumpkin inspection team

Mom thinks this picture is hilarious

Picking out the wheelbarrow was nearly as much fun as picking a pumpkin

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