Friday, May 17, 2013

This Mom's the Bomb

Mom really racked up the points today. You wanna see airplanes? You got it, little man. Not only did we go to the Moffett Field Historical Society's Museum, we got lost and drove almost all the way around Moffett. This meant we saw a big (like 1/10?) replica of the space shuttle and a ton of army vehicles. And then he saw me brave the gates and ask for directions from one of the guards ("Hi Guy!" got a big smile from that very nice dude). So we wandered through the airfield until we found the museum, which was open for another whopping 1/2 hour, which is ok when you're 2 and not really clear on this whole "no touching!" thing. The train display was open, but not at all well-guarded from toddlers, which is why Mom then had to negotiate for the freedom of an engine that happened to be hiding behind a curtain. And then we learned a magical thing... a group of bombers was touring the country, and they were landing right outside the museum, in about another 20 minutes. So we managed to catch that too.

"Mommy open gate!"

We also managed to get a sneak preview with a handful of other plane fans before the exhibit gets started this weekend. So cool!

This guy was flying over Moffett and hit the airbrakes right above us before he landed. Such a cool noise! I told Austin he was saying "hi" and Austin replied, "Hi Airtane."
We walked around the planes and looked at things for about a half hour. Austin nearly climbed up in the  B-17, but it was a little dark and intimidating. All the old men (unsurprisingly, almost the whole crowd was over 70 besides the 3 of us) were very impressed by the attempt.

I can't take as many photos of our adventures as I used to, but sometimes a nice person helps us out! Here we are, Mommy, Austin and Sophie, who mercifully went to sleep once I wrapped that shirt around her to keep the wind out. Moffett's pretty chilly!

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