Friday, October 25, 2013

Witch Craft!

Halloween is coming up so Mom gathered the necessary ingredients for a spooky craft! We're making Witch Balls (which makes Dad giggle). Witch Balls are actually a real thing. Victorians used to hang colorful glass globes around their homes and gardens for good luck, though some say the tradition is much older. The gazing balls sold for gardens seem to be modern cousins. We're going to make it a little more Austin friendly with plastic Christmas ornaments, to be filled with magical moss, feathers, glow in the dark snakes and other witchy things. Somewhat inspired by this post on the Play at Home Mom blog, one of my favorite places to find things to do with the kids :)

How to Make Witch Balls:
Clear plastic ornaments
Flower Petals
Small Halloween Trinkets
Glitter balls in the back were done with baby oil and very fine glitter, courtesy  of changingmydestiny.

I also painted the top of the ornaments with some Halloweeny nail polish and threaded a ribbon through the loop instead of a hook.

This one was made by glueing googly eyes facing out of the ornament with ModgePodge.

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