Monday, October 12, 2015

Revenge of the Fifth

As are most 4 year olds, Austin is mercurial. After months of asking him about his birthday party, he was pretty consistent that he wanted a Star Wars party. And in mid-September, we believed him. I built a Death Star corn hole game. I bought packs of figures and broke them up to make favors. I made 20 light sabers out of pool noodles. We made Star Wars invitations and gave them to everyone in his class.

And then, as I was painting the Death Star, he says he wants a PacMan birthday party.

He's never even played PacMan.

We agreed that we'll save PacMan for next year. He's a good little dude.

This was our first party away from the house. There was a bit of a learning curve, and it was hard to get everything in place at the park, while staying at the park as the rules for reserving picnic areas require, and running back home to fetch more stuff, and watching the kids... Thank you Uncle Corey! Couldn't have done it without you! 

The park was great though. Perfect weather, and a most excellent hill to roll down.

Darth Vader showed up.

It's OK, Austin. It's your father.

When the kids weren't beating up Vader, they had some games to play and a bubble machine with which to practice their light saber skills. They wouldn't leave it alone, so we wound up taping it up in a tree. Thanks to the dad who helped me get the batteries sorted out! Like I said, this was our first party away from home, and I was proud I brought the bubble machine, bubble solution and batteries. Forgot to bring a screw driver!

I'm pretty proud of my Death Star too. I managed to make it sturdy enough to survive the onslaught of 15 or so Jedis, and now it dwells peacefully in the backyard.

I had no luck finding bean bags at any of the stores I tried. So I took a few smallish softish balls from our collection, and wrapped them in an old t-shirt I spray painted and cut up.

Godspeed, TK-421

All you need to make your own Death Star is a big box, a hula hoop and TREMENDOUS ARTISTIC TALENT

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