Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year

Woo. Last year was a doozy. I would have written more about it, but I find that as the kids age, it becomes harder to figure out what kinds of things I can share here. I'm also short on time and positivity, and I don't want to just complain or rant about things.

On the other hand, I am so grateful for the posts I've made in the past. Going back over the years to see how the kids are growing and changing is magical. It helps me keep perspective instead of getting caught up in the grind of daily struggles. It helps me remember that some things will not be hard forever. Some easy things will get harder. And I will be sorry if I don't take a few moments to record what things are like right now.

So, let's have some resolutions. This is the first one. I even made it on the first and everything:

#2 I will post here more regularly. I think I should be able to manage once a month.

#3 I will draw more. I had not realized how much it improved my mood to draw a little bit. Inktober was a welcome return to myself. It wasn't just good for me, but it also allowed my kids to see me doing something personal, instead of just mom things all the time. And sometimes they drew with me, leading to resolution #1. Doing something for myself wound up becoming an activity for them too.

There are so many ways being a parent changes you. And part of raising children is learning how to recover yourself, once your kids have reached an age where they don't need you quite so much. It's nice to see them as little people. And this past year was intense, but really really good too.

Let's hope next year is even better <3

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