Saturday, March 8, 2014


It is so crazy to remember last year, about this time, when Austin had just started speaking. Now he's a chatterbox. I'm trying to log some of the awesome things he says before he grows out of them and I forget how much I had to translate...This is by no means an exhaustive list.

San Tozay: a really big building.
This was confusing for us, because he's obviously trying to say "San Jose." And we'd always hear, "I want to go in San Tozay," which we'd answer with various explanations about how we live *in* San Jose. It wasn't until I started hearing him say, "I want to go in *that* San Tozay," that I realized this just means a really big building, even ones in Oakland or San Francisco.

Odershirt: air conditioner?
I'm still not entirely sure what this means, but he tells me to turn it off when we park the car.

Dig Doy: big boy
We still have a hard time with bs and ps. But the reason I'm including this and not everything that has a b or a p in it is because of its extremely specific definition. For example, if Austin is pretending to fly in a rocket, we'll ask, "are you an astronaut?" To which he'll reply, "No, I'm a dig doy." If we press, "a big boy who is an astronaut?" he'll say, "No, I'm a regular dig doy." To date, dig doys are not pirates, astronauts, superheroes, fire fighters, police men...

"I want to knock it down to the ground"
We say this when we're really upset, about pretty much everything. Don't want this sandwich? "Just knock the sandwich over to the ground."
Mom giving you trouble? "Just knock Mom down to the ground."
Sun is up? "I want to knock the Sun down to the ground and break it and put it in the garbage can."

Excuse me: excuse me
He actually says this very well. It's the fact he says it while he bounces off people in crowds that's funny.

His favorite food is currently "hangurgers." He also told us the other day that cookies are best, followed by cake and then ice cream.

He has always liked puzzles, but now he's starting to put together more elaborate tracks for his trains and such. By himself! It's awesome to watch. He'll come run and get me to see his "triangle track" or his "circle track."
The triangle track
This may be hard to see, but it really impressed me. This is a set of 8 tiles that all fit together, but there is a track that runs throughout. You need to line up the track as you fit the pieces together in order for the little guy to run the circuit without derailing. He does these all by himself now :)
He also builds his own vehicles out of legos. This is a train, naturally.
This is a rocket. He's also starting to be kind of bossy... First he wanted to put the rocket in space, so I put some paper underneath. Then it was, "draw shooting stars! draw fire coming out of the rocket! draw the moo-oon!" We also added an astronaut, who you can see through the window piece.

Mom's radio is currently broken, so we're listening to one of our cds we made off our MP3 collection. It's got 150 songs on it and Austin has several favorites. And they now have new names for me to remember as well as the number of the song on the cd.

The Chumma song

The Up and Down song

The Rainbow song

We don't have this song, but if we're watching something on tv and we see this ad, it is required that we watch it about 40 times.

The Singo Dongo song

When it is time to go to bed, Austin has taken to telling us stories. This is one of them.

Amazing. I'm so proud of our little dude. Can't wait to see what's next :)

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