Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Little Post About A Sophaloaf

I have meant to post about Sophie for a long time. I wrote that post about Austin and his interests and ideas, but when I started to write about Sophie, I sort of got hung up. She just changes all the time! So every time I tried to start this post, it'd be wrong, like a day later. But she deserves a post, so here it goes... because I do not want to hear about this later from her therapist.

She's super cute.

She walks like a champ. She even runs and kicks!

She sings when she's going to sleep. "Ni Ni See See." She also likes to lay down randomly during the day and pretend she's singing herself to sleep.

Occasionally we watch "My Cat From Hell." This is only relevant because Jackson Galaxy discusses the difference between "Bush Cats" who hide on the ground and "Tree Cats" who need to be up on shelves or whatever. Sophie is a tree toddler. Also, Austin thought the guy who came to do the contract for some work we had done on the attic was Jackson Galaxy. And later, he thought the guy in the hazmat suit who came to remove the old insulation was an astronaut.

STOP. STOP. This post is about Sophie!!

There are less flattering things I could share... like the fact she beats us up when she's going to bed every night. And then laughs hysterically. She also likes to poke you in the eye, while she says, "eye!"

She is utterly fearless. She steps into pools, off edges of play structures. Unless you're a friendly person who wants to say "hi." Then she buries her face in the nearest parent. Weirdly, she is not afraid of our chickens, even though one has pecked her almost every single day we've all been out together.

tree toddler
we do this every time we go to breakfast

business business business... numbers...

I also am starting to get opportunities to take her on her own adventures... While Austin goes to preschool, she gets to explore the city.

But I think her favorite times are still with her brother <3

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